Police and army use High quality protective suit and Anti-Riot suit

Model: MAXX01
MOQ: 50 sets
Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery time: 50 days
Start port: Guangzhou
Certification: SGS testing report


Material: ABS plastic
Hit test:Can stand a hit with the power of 360J
Stabbing test:Can be stabbed with a sharp knife weighing 2.5kg, from height 1.10m
Fire test:Stand fire for 30 second.
Acids test: 40% concentrated H2SO4 acid can have no effect on the suit and its connection.
Heat test:Can be put in an oven of 55″ for 6 hours with no effect

anti-riot shield (2)
anti-riot shield (7)
anti-riot shield (8)

The anti-riot body armor is specially designed according to human engineering for riot control purpose , more than 85% of body can be protected.

The suit is combined with differently shaped pattern bricks.

There are no difficulties for all kind of actions including bending / running / jumping / turning / kneeling down etc., flexible movements even with weapon/shield carrying on.

It can resist strong impact such as knife cut, stab, stone and baton hit and even chemical acid etc.


good protective area, competitively price,air permeability, light weight, customized for logo.

anti-riot shield (2)

Body protector

anti-riot shield (1)

Shouder protector

anti-riot shield (8)

Leg protector

anti-riot shield (9)

waist protector


anti-riot suit usage

1, Anti-riot police waiting for command
2, Quell riots
3, Anti-riot police

and so on..


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