Bulletproof Helmet NIJ IIIA Aramid PE Black of BHXX001

Model: BHXX01
MOQ: 50 pcs
Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery time: 15 days
Start port: Guangzhou
Certification: SGS testing report


Material: Aramid
Weight: 1.5kg ±0.5kg
Color: black
Package: each one in one plastic bag,10 pcs in one carton box

bulletproof helmet (3)
bulletproof helmet (2)
bulletproof helmet (5)

PASGT ballistic helmet is a high performance, multi-layer, lightweight combat helmet. This ballistic helmet has been tested and proven to achieve a rating of Level IIIA by the USA National Institute of Justice (NIJ 101.06) by defeating .357 SIG full metal jacket flat nose rounds (FMJ FN) and .44 Magnum semi jacketed hollow point (SJHP) rounds at velocity of up to 1450 ft/s.

Designed with a multi-layer constructions consisting of aramid and ballistic polyethylene to protect the user from ballistic hazards and fragmentation. The head harness was manufactured with foam cushioned leather headband and a comfortable chinstrap including base attachment for optional face guard. Making this ballistic helmet light weight and durable ideal for police, ground troops, or special units.

Helmet comes in standard PASGT shape, the shell is extremely rugged offering good resistance against extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. The helmet is made from non-toxic advanced aramid composites offering superior ballistic protection from handgun ammunition and fragments.


Light weight, soft and wear resistant, meet NIJ IIIA standard

bulletproof helmet (4)

Multi Layer Constructions

bulletproof helmet (5)

Durable & Comfortable Suspension Straps

bulletproof helmet (5)

Leather & Form Cushioned


bulletproof helmet (2)
bulletproof helmet (3)

Police performing tasks
Soldier in battlefield

and so on..


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