About us

Our Company

China Xinxing Guangzhou Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a China state-owned global military supplies and logistical equipment supplier since 1989.

Up to now, We have established a successful business relationship between customers from more than sixty countries and regions. We believe that we could continue establishing a good business relationship, as well as achieving mutual benefit through our sincere cooperation.

Our advantages


We welcome OEM/ODM orders. We have advanced producing equipment for all products of our categories. We could put your logo on our hot-sale model or help you producing orders when you meet tough issues.

Military bidding solutions

We have great experience in military and police bidding projects all around the world for decades. We know a lot about foreign countries’ bidding process and every test results they want, therefore we will be great help for you when you working on bidding projects. ​


Bulletproof products are our proud project, because we have the most advanced bulletproof materials and military production equipment, so we can combine our industrial production lines to meet the new bulletproof needs of the military and police. ​

Special equipment solution

We could supplied special equipment such as military & police vehicle, drone, Night vision gears, rifle scope and other high technology equipment for field officers and soldiers in battlefield

Military product export

We are a state-owned company with the special military export authorization of the PRC State Council so that there will be no risk of being detained for the military and police products

Relative product solutions

We could also provide any products relative to military and police products due to we have hundred of military manufacturers’ support. Usually we will supply whole set of equipment from head to toe for our clients so call one-stop service.


Our Company

We have hundreds of military manufactures as our solid base. We stick to the policy of granting equal weight to trade and enterprises development while majoring in import and export business.

Our productions lines involve to military garment process which includes knitting and woven;  bulletproof equipment assembling production lines which includes headwear press and vest assemble, military footwear process which includes cement, vulcanization and injection.